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Our consulting services are divided in three groups:

Corporate and contracts
Advice and assistance in the field of company law, constitution, modification and dissolution of any kind of company.

Budget and Accounting
Advice and assistance in the formation of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements, data processing center for bookkeeping.

Advice and assistance in the field of tax litigation, tax preparation and tax planning.

Statutory audit
Mayor and Auditor in companies and in private and public authorities.

Business consultancy
Development of management control systems and budget evaluation of companies and shareholdings.

Extraordinary operations
Advice and assistance in transactions acquisition - sale of companies, merging, corporate splits, corporate awards and company transformations.

Insolvency and litigation
Activities carried out on behalf of the Court as trustee in bankruptcy proceedings, and expert appraisals.

Advice on job
The company employs an internal work consultant for assistance in employment and pay slips processing.

Management control
Measurement and analysis of corporate performance, design and implementation of management accounting systems, cost management, developing operational budgets for strategic business areas, break even analysis and cost effectiveness and simulations, dashboards achievements and transmission of business reporting

Financial advice
Financial analysis for top management, planning and evaluation investments, loans and grants to companies, technical, economic and financial feasibility studies, drafting of business plans.

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